Community Service

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Building the future, one journalist at a time.

I not only have I worked within the journalism field, but I’ve done my part to recruit fresh talent into the industry. I’m a strong supporter of the next generation of writers, reporters, and other communications professionals and aim to help them accomplish their goals and reach for their dreams.

San Diego Association of Black Journalists

In 2000 I helped found the San Diego Association of Black Journalists (SDABJ) and served as its president and social media manager. SDABJ is a non-profit group made up of media professionals is part of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).

Under my leadership, SDABJ has become an important organization within the San Diegan community. SDABJ’s mission is to promote learning, support, and growth, and to help tell the stories of those who can’t tell their own.

For 18 years SDABJ has given scholarships to numerous students, including a highly sought after full-ride scholarship to National University’s journalism program.

Pro For a Day: Journalism Bootcamp

Spearheaded the coordination of this day-long hands-on workshop for college students from across San Diego county. The workshop teaches these students the basics for writing for print, editing, social media, photography, and public relations. Starting in 2003 and continuing today, attendance has averaged between 40-60 students per year.

San Diego State

Teaching T.V. news, writing, and reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The class focuses on how to write, edit, and report for digital using smart phones and social media. I’m setting up an NABJ chapter for San Diego State and the California State University system, pending approval from NABJ.

Southwestern College

While working as a journalism professor at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA, I’ve been a mentor and teacher to countless aspiring journalists throughout the years.

My community service includes the following positions:

  • National Academy of Arts and Television Sciences, Pacific Southwest Chapter, member and governor
  • Online News Association, member and founding member of San Diego chapter
  • National Association of Black Journalists, board member and member
  • San Diego Association of Black Journalists, founding president, social media manager
  • California Teachers’ Association